Day 9 – Legendary Marketer Business Builder Challenge Meets 75 Hard (Best Productivity Tips)

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Hey, welcome back. Today is day nine of my seventy-five-day epic business and mindset challenge. And today I want to share with you the biggest productivity hack that I’ve discovered that can instantly help you get more things done as early as tomorrow.

So let’s get into it.

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I’m Paul Salinas and I’ve started an epic seventy-five-day business and mindset challenge, I’m combining Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Challenge to get my mind right and Legendary Marketer’s, 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge to get my money right. That’s right.

In other words, for the next seventy-five days, I’m gonna start an online business from scratch and do it in public with a goal of making five thousand dollars or more in the process.

Answer me this. On a daily basis, how many of you start today every day with a “to-do” list and you have every intention of finishing that “to-do” list, but you just run out of time?

If that’s you, put “need more time” in the comments below, because I want to know.

I think we can all agree that being productive is not easy. We have a zillion and one things to do and not enough time in the day to do them.

Between family, work, children, it almost seems impossible. But if we all have the same twenty-four hours a day, why do some people seem to thrive in this twenty-four-hour window while others fail?

The good news is I think I found the answer and even though the answer has been in front of me my entire adult life, I never really put it into practice until last September.

So here it is.

If you want to get more things done in a day with less stress and mentally feel better, you’ve got to get up early.

I know it’s crazy right?

No, but seriously, I’m talking like early, like the 4:00 a.m. club type early and hear me out.

Personally, I never really saw or felt the benefits of waking up early, consistently, really my entire adult life, but I had to make a change.

Because as you guys know, last September, I did 75 Hard, the challenge, for the first time. And the only way I was going be able to get things done in the day and do everything I had to do having a young family and being married was I had to get up earlier.

And it wasn’t until then when I did it morning after morning, consistently over seventy-five days, that I got to reap the rewards and see the benefits.

So here’s some of the benefits if you woke up at 4:00 am.

By seven o’clock, you’ve already completed most of the important tasks of the day. And these are things you’ve worked on that are directly going to benefit you.

So take me, for example, at four o’clock, I wake up by five o’clock I finished my first workout and by six a.m. I’ve already read ten pages of a book. Whether that’s a business book or marketing book or self-development book.

I’ve done a page of journaling and I’m reviewing and or modified my power list.

For those of you who don’t know what a power list is, if you’ve read the book or if you listen to Andy’s podcast, you understand that the power list is basically the three to five most critical tasks in a day that you have to accomplish to basically “win the day”.

And so these are your highest priority things that are going to set you in, keep moving forward towards your personal goals.

So by seven o’clock, I’ve already worked out. I’ve had an hour to do those important things, to get my mind right, to review my goals, to get my day set up.

And I feel great about it. Like already I’m feeling good.

So let me tell you what I don’t do.

What I don’t do and what most people do is people get up, they get up late. They’re, they start off the day on the back foot already.

They’re running around. They’ve got no plan. It’s just chaos. It’s a bad way to start any day.

And that that the switch here is that if you can train yourself that the first hour to three hours of every day is a very selfish act of these are things that are going to benefit you. I think you’ll change your mind.

Because once you realize that the first part of your morning is for you and not for anybody else, it’s not for your boss.

It’s not for I mean, it’s for family members. I mean, the first if you can get up early and use that that that prime window of time to do things that are going to make you happy, you’re going to feel great about it.

Believe me, you’re going to feel great.

So back to my schedule. By seven or eight, I’ve got my daughter ready and off to school. And by eight o’clock I’m back in front of my computer and ready to continue the day doing the things that I have to do.

But just that act alone by getting up early, spending the first three hours from four to seven, doing things that I want to do that I know will personally benefit my health, wealth, and happiness. It’s important to me and it feels good.

So here’s a tip, though.

In order to get up early, you really have to go to bed early. And I know that sounds crazy if I’m I’m being serious. So if you’re trying to go to bed late and wake up early, it doesn’t work.

Go to bed early, trust me.

So do you see why being part of the Four AM Club could be beneficial to you?

You know, getting up early, having the first block of time of your day to work on the goals that are going to benefit you?

If you agree with me, hit that “like” button. Let me know you agree with that.

All right so here’s the pearl.

Go to bed early, wake up early.

Spend the first one to three hours working on your own “power list”, right. These are critical tasks that are personally beneficial to you. Health, wealth, and happiness type tasks.

Do that and do it every day and you’ll see the rewards. You’ll feel great about it. Trust me.

Hope that helps.

By the way, if you want to join me on this online business-building journey and do what I’m doing, click the link in the description and get all the details.

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