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Let’s face it, you can’t watch a single YouTube video without someone flexing in front of a Lamborghini in the garage or drinking a cocktail on the balcony of a beautiful oceanfront estate, telling you basically how they’re printing money while they sleep.

And how they actually have migraines from all the Stripe notifications they get on their phone on a daily basis.

Whether it’s dropshipping products or publishing to Amazon Kindle, to selling T-shirts to consulting, they all have one thing in common.

And that one thing is they crap over everyone else’s business model except their own.

So how do you pick a business model that actually works? If you’re interested? I’m going to share the business model that I decided to pursue and why I chose it, but not so fast peoples.

Before we get into what I believe is the best business model, hands down to make money online, especially for beginners. Make sure you subscribe to the channel. Click that notification bell so you continue to get all the awesome tips, tactics, and insights I pick up along the way.

I’m Paul Salinas and I’ve started an epic seventy-five-day online business and mindset challenge, I’m combining Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard challenge to get my mind right and Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge to get my money right.

In other words, for the next seventy-five days, I’m going to start and build an online business from scratch and do it in public with the goal of making five thousand dollars more in the process. That’s right.

Quick question. What business model would you start if you wanted to start an online business? Put your answer in the comments, I want to hear your thoughts.

One of the biggest reasons people fail trying to start an online business is not a lack of information. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They actually have too much information.

I mean, free information is everywhere. This video included, so people get confused, overwhelmed and never start. As I touched on earlier, there are so many business models that you could use to start an online business.

But what’s really best for you?

I’m not sure what’s best for you, but what I can say, based on my experience from running an SEO agency, doing consulting, and doing e-commerce, is what’s good for me.

In day two of Legendary Marketer’s, 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge Dave Sharpe speaks in what he calls the core four. And I touch on this in my day three video. So if you haven’t checked it out. Check it out.

And these core four, in his opinion, are the best four business models anyone should get into if you’re considering starting an online business and for many reasons.

And of those four, one he does mention is high-ticket affiliate marketing.

And if you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before, it’s this referral-based marketing. You recommend a product or service with a special link that’s coded to you. And if that person or if anybody buys through that link, you get a commission.

And high-ticket affiliate marketing is the same thing, except commissions are a thousand dollars plus per sale. So high-ticket affiliate marketing is a path that I’ve chosen to start my online business with and I’ll tell you three main reasons why.

Reason number one, you don’t have to create your own products. So if you’re considering maybe making some online courses or selling a digital product, you don’t have to spend the time to create these products or put them into an (LMS) system, a learning management system, and trying to sell these products.

Which also means you don’t have to wait until you have enough expertise to actually sell a product which makes this great for beginners.

Reason number two, you don’t have to carry inventory. So there’s no upfront cost buying products and storing them in your garage or into a warehouse or having to deal with customer issues, dealing with drop shipping from China.

And reason number three and this one’s huge, you don’t have to deal with customer support. So this alleviates all the time either you or someone you would have to hire to field customer support calls via phone, via email, because the business that you promote actually handles the customer service for you, which is awesome.

Yeah, so these are the three main reasons why I’ve chosen affiliate marketing and more specifically, high-ticket affiliate marketing. Because to be honest with you, the same amount of energy goes into making a low-ticket sell as a high-ticket sell.

So why not go for the high-ticket commission, right?

Not to mention since 2010, I’ve been dealing with clients and I really don’t want any more clients. Clients are a big responsibility and they can be headaches at times. And I just want to deal with it. I’ve also done Amazon FBA, and I don’t want to deal with manufacturers from China anymore. High Amazon fees and cutthroat sellers on the Amazon ecosystem.

And I’m not about to deal with drop shipping from China and setting up a Shopify store.

So to me, affiliate marketing is as simple as it gets. There’s a lot of upside and really not much downside at all, which makes it great for beginners who are just starting out.

If you’re interested in what I believe is the best high-ticket affiliate program out there, the program that I’m currently involved with now click the link in the description and you can see what I’m doing.

So does high-ticket affiliate marketing make sense to you? A whole lot of upside, but not much downside. So if high-ticket affiliate marketing seems like a great business model, click the “like” button. Let me know you agree with me.

So if you’re currently doing Legendary Marketers 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge or 75 Hard, don’t quit. Keep going. You’ll be happy you did.

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