Day 5 – Legendary Marketer Business Builder Challenge Meets 75 Hard (Beat Perfectionism)

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I want to give you permission to punch perfection in the face. Why? Because done is better than perfect and I’m going to prove it to you.

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I’m Paul Salinas and I started an epic seventy-five-day business and mindset challenge. And today is day five.

I’m combining Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Challenge to get my mind right. And Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge to get my money right. That’s right.

Quick question, are you in the camp of ready, aim, fire, or are you more of a ready, fire, aim type of person. So put ready, aim, fire or ready, fire, aim in the comments below. I want to know.

Look, I’m not here to tell you which approach is better for you when it comes to getting things done or tackling a new project.

But what I can tell you is that most people, myself included, spend way too much time getting ready and aiming and we never get a chance to fire. And because of that, we miss a lot of opportunities. If you agree with me, hit that “like” button. So I know that’s what’s keeping you stuck.

Now, on the flip side, people who just shoot without ever getting ready or aiming, I think are a bit careless. So here’s the lesson.

In my opinion, before you embark on a new adventure like 75 Hard or Legendary’s 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge, you definitely want a plan because you want to know where you’re going, which is the getting-ready part.

However, and this is a big, however, you don’t want to spend too much time in the ready aim portion of the ready aim fire philosophy, because that’s the part that keeps people stuck.

So ideally what you want to do is you want to get ready, skip the aim, and just fire. Because the truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know until you actually do something. And the best way to course correct the actual skill, project, or goal, or challenge you’re trying to go for is after you’ve at least attempted it once.

Because only then you have context of what you’re trying to do.

In other words, how would you course-correct learning to swim after reading several books on swimming and maybe even watching some videos on swimming?

How would you course-correct for that unless you actually dove into the water and tried to swim at least once and only then you could course-correct because at that point you have context. And this, my friend, is the point.

So let’s use my YouTube channel as a perfect example. I don’t have channel art.

Now, I know I need channel art, but I also know that I don’t need channel art to publish a video. I need to publish a video to learn how to publish a video. As of day five, as I’m recording this video in this challenge, I don’t even have a profile picture.

Now, am I going to get a profile picture? Of course. Could I do it? Yes, but things are going so fast right now. I just have time to produce the video, edit the video and publish a video.

And that’s all I’m worried about right now because I’m building my reps. If you look at my videos, I don’t have any custom thumbnails. Zero. I know I need a custom thumbnail and I know I can create a custom thumbnail, but I don’t have time to create a custom thumbnail. And the thumbnail is not going to help me publish the video.

Publishing the video is where it’s at is where I’m learning. I’m learning all these skills as I’m publishing and none of my videos are optimized.

I don’t have optimized titles. I don’t have optimized descriptions. I don’t have any optimized keywords. It’s not optimized. Will I get to it, of course, I’ll get to it.

But once again, that’s not the important part. I want you to see. I’m not aiming for perfection at this point because I truly believe “done is better than perfect.”

I just want to get in the game and learn along the way. Do I want to strive to make my channel as perfect as possible?

Of course, I do, anybody would.

And here’s the flip side, because I just went because I just started I’ve had to learn on the fly on how to produce, edit, and publish these videos.

In regards to getting ready, everything I’ve learned to produce these videos that I’ve created during this challenge is all of two courses and an animation software that I got, which I put in the description below, if you’re interested. But I want to be hundred percent honest with you.

Like I’ve gone through and have had time to go through only five percent of the of both courses. It’s literally just in time learning and it’s working.

I’m publishing videos and that was the goal.

And here’s the best part about just just doing stuff. In these past five days, this is video number five. I’ve learned so much in regards to video editing that I would have never learned without just doing it. And I wouldn’t even learn them in the courses, because until you’re actually in it doing something once again, you don’t know what you need to course-correct and you don’t know how to do certain things.

I’ve also developed my own systems that are helping me speed up the process of shooting these videos only because I’ve started doing it. And these are things I would have never even thought of if I hadn’t just started.

Do you see the upside of just spending a little time getting ready and then firing, skipping the whole aiming part, and waiting for perfection?

If you agree with me, hit that like button, show me some love. Give me anything you want to give me.

All right so let’s talk updates in regards to the challenges.

In regards to Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge, I just completed day five and I’m super happy. Great lessons all along the way. And I actually completed my business plan and I’ll share that with you in days to come. But super excited about that. And actually, I did day five while I was doing cardio in the garage this morning, trying to complete 75 Hard.

And speaking of 75 Hard, I’m still going strong. Things are great. I feel great. I love the daily disciplines. I love the personal accountability. I love that I have been very aggressive with my time and I’m only spending time on things that will move me forward personally and in my business. So that’s all been great. And I plan on sharing some tips in regards to my daily schedule and things that I think are helpful when you’re on this 75 Day challenge.

OK, so let’s put a bow on this. You’ve got to stop waiting for the perfect timing. You have to stop waiting for the stars to align. You have to stop waiting to you’re 100 percent ready and you just have to go. You have to you have to get ready. Skip the whole aim and fire. Get ready and fire.

Remember, done is better than perfect and experience is your best teacher.

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