Day 11 – Legendary Marketer Business Builder Challenge Meets 75 Hard (Pivot)

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Hey, welcome back. Today’s day 11 of my 75-day business and mindset challenge.

I’ve titled this video “Pivot” because I have an announcement I want to share with you.

Let’s get into it.

But not so fast peoples.

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I’m Paul Salinas and I started an epic seventy-five-day business and mindset challenge, and today is day 11.

I’m using Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Challenge to get my mind right and Legendary Marketer’s, 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge to get my money right.

That’s right.

In other words, for the next seventy-five days, I’m going to start and scale an online business from scratch with the whole goal of trying to make five thousand dollars along the way. And I’m going to do it all in public.

Quick question.

How many of you are interested in starting an online business for yourself?

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So here’s the deal. Today is day 11 of my seventy-five-day challenge. And in order to hit my business goals for this challenge, which are five thousand dollars in revenue, one hundred YouTube subscribers, at least two hundred people subscribing to my email list.

But in order to hit these goals, I think I have to change my plan a bit. So initially when I started this challenge, which is combining Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Challenge with the Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge, I thought that I could just document the entire journey for 75 days.

Well, I don’t think that’s going to work anymore. And here’s why.

If you notice in the titles, every title I have so far is day one, today’s day 11. So day one through day 11. And really the only keywords that are in the search is “Legendary Marketer” and Andy Frisella’s “75 Hard”.

Now, although these keywords do get search traffic, I don’t think only focusing on these two subjects or these two keywords are going to get me the traffic I actually need to hit my business goals.

So here’s what I’m doing instead of documenting every single day, because one of the goals I had if you go back to my goal video, I’m not sure what day to day one, day two, or three. One of the things I want to do was published in public for seventy-five days.

So I still am going to publish in public and more than likely they’re all going to be here on YouTube. However, I can’t overlook the fact that the title in the videos is so important for getting search and traffic to the videos.

I can’t just keep optimizing for both Legendary Marketer and 75 Hard.

I have to switch things up a bit, I have to find keywords and topics that are hot, that are getting a lot of search so I can grow my channel and hit my business goals.

So I say all that to say this, that although every video will not be from day one through day seventy-five titled wise, there will be seventy-five videos by date. You’ll see that if you look at the published day.

And what I’m planning on doing is instead of just having these kind of daily update videos of these two challenges combined and what I’m learning, I’m actually going to go and switch the content up to more of a tutorial type content.

So I’m going to be teaching things every day. And then in the middle of that, I’ll let you know that there’s actually part of a whole challenge, but the titles will be different. So that’s really all that’s changing.

You’re just not going to see exactly in the titles day one through day 75, you might see day one through day 15, and then you’ll have just other topics where I’m teaching content.

And then maybe once or twice a week I’ll do an update of what day that is and kind of bring the whole challenges back together again. So I hope that makes sense and I hope you understand why I’m doing it. Now, I will say this. My only concern with this new pivot with this new process is that I think creating content where I’m actually teaching something is going to take longer.

And that kind of scares me.

So who knows? I might have to change again. I might have to re-pivot or rethink this whole thing. And that’s that’s the cool thing about going on a journey. Is you don’t know what you don’t know until you start moving forward.

So I hope that’s helpful and I hope you enjoy the new content and that’s really the update.

So if you like the idea of me creating more tutorial and tip-based videos that can help you either start or scale your online business, smash that “like” button and give me some motivation, pivoting is just part of the process.

This is why I say there’s no point on trying to create the perfect plan. A good enough plan is really what you need because if you just start with a good enough plan as you go on this journey, you’ll have to course-correct, just like I’m doing.

So if you’re on the fence to do something because you’re trying to create this perfect plan, don’t do that. Just start and course-correct along the way.

I hope that helps.

And by the way, if you want to join me on this online business-building journey and do the same business I’m doing, click the link, the description, and get all the details.

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