Day 1 – Legendary Marketer Business Builder Challenge Meets 75 Hard (The Plan)

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Hi, my name is Paul Salinas, and I’m about to start a business-building journey by combining Legendary Marketer’s 15-Day Business Builder Challenge with 75 Hard. So before we get started, let me ask you a question.

How many challenges have you successfully completed? Put those in the comments below.

If you’ve ever tried to make money online, you know, there’s no shortage of so-called gurus telling you the best and fastest ways to make money online. But do they work… especially if you’re willing to do the work?

And my friend, this is what I’m going to try to figure out. You see, I personally believe anyone can do a 15 day challenge, but how long would it really take to make some life-changing money?

Like enough money to quit your current job? So to put my best effort forward.

I’ve decided to combine Legendary Marketer’s Online Business Builder Challenge with 75 Hard.

And for those of you who don’t know or aren’t familiar with 75 Hard, it’s the brainchild of Andy Frisella, the host of the Real AF podcast and CEO of 1st Phorm Nutritional Supplement.

So basically, 75 Hard is a discipline challenge for seventy five days. You can’t drink alcohol, you can’t have a cheat meal. You need to follow a diet. And you need to drink a gallon of water a day.

You need to read ten pages of a nonfiction book and you need to workout twice a day, for forty-five minutes each, and they can’t be consecutive, and one has to be outside. So, you know, you’re dealing with the elements. But just like life, life gives you challenges. So that’s what this challenge is for.

And believe it or not, going through 75 Hard last November is one of the best and most rewarding accomplishments I’ve done in the past 10 years, because it works.

I mean, it creates confidence, it creates determination, perseverance, grit and clarity. So basically, you become a productivity powerhouse. So for the next seventy five days, I’m going to combine the skills I learned with Legendary Marketer’s Online Business Builder Challenge with 75 Hard. I’m going to do both.

In other words, instead of doing Legendary’s challenge for only 15 days, I’m going to do it for seventy five days, I mean, I’m going to publish in public for 75 days and see what happens.

Now publishing could be in the form of video, it could be a blog post or an email. It could be alive. It doesn’t really matter. I just, I just need to publish and to me publishing is progress.

So I’m going to hold myself accountable and publish in public for the next seventy five days knowing that 75 Hard will get my mind right as in clarity and focus. And hopefully Legendary Online Business Builder Challenge will get my money right… as money in the bank.

So through the challenge in my journey, I’m going to give you updates and share tips, tools, tactics I discover along the way. I’m going to share my wins so you can apply them to your business and hopefully speed up and fast track your success and I’ll share my losses so you can avoid the mistakes that I make.

That being said, I just want to thank you for subscribing. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure to subscribe to get the best and most profitable online business strategies I discover along the way.

You take care and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace!

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Paul Salinas is the founder of Marketing Chopz™ and has been generating leads and sales online for businesses since 2010. He's now sharing his digital marketing skills to help others fast-track a profitable affiliate marketing business.