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Change WordPress Admin Username For Better Security

If you’re looking to change your WordPress admin username…

You’re thinking smart.

Especially if you’re trying to change the default “admin” username to something a lot more secure.

how to change your wordpress username
Don’t make it easy for hackers!.. Change your username.

By default, the WordPress username can’t be changed.

But there’s a simple workaround.

And I’m going to show you how.

Why Should I Change WordPress Admin Username?


Due to the popularity of WordPress (approximately 36% of all sites [src]), it becomes a prime target to be hacked.

Hackers use what’s known as a brute-force attack to gain access to your website. Basically, they use an automated program to test a long list of words to find your username and password.

In cryptography, a brute-force attack consists of an attacker trying many passwords or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly. The attacker systematically checks all possible passwords and passphrases until the correct one is found.

Alternatively, the attacker can attempt to guess the key which is typically created from the password using a key derivation function. This is known as an exhaustive key search. Read more…

Many hosting providers setup your WordPress site with a default username of “admin.” (NOT good!)

Malicious hackers know this –  and use it against you.

And if you keep your WordPress login with the default “admin” username…

Hackers are 50% more likely to gain access to your website because they only need to “guess” your password – not the username.

This is why it’s so important to change your WordPress username to something other than “admin.”

You’ve been warned.

Video Tutorial: How to Change Your WordPress Username

[cleveryoutube video=”6JXOJ0bk8Gw” style=”1″]

Step 1: Log into the WordPress Dashboard

Log into WordPress with the “username” account you want to change.

log into wordpress dashboard

Step 2: Edit the “Username” You Want to Change

Once you’re logged in. Click the “Users” tab on the left side of your dashboard.

Then hover over the “username” you want to edit. Click the “Edit” link.

Edit the wordpress username

Change Your Username And Keep Your Email

If you want to keep the current email associated with your site…

You’ll have to add an alternate email first since WordPress only allows “one unique” email per site.

edit username but keep same email

Once you change the email and click the “Update Profile” button you’ll have to verify the email change. (So make sure you enter an email address you have access to.)

verify new email

Verify the email address change by clicking the link in your email.

click link to verify

Once you verify you’ll notice alternate email is associated with the original username.

Now, you can use your primary email for the “new” username you’ll create.

alternate email is updated

Step 3: Add New WordPress User

In the WordPress dashboard click “Add New” users tab.

add new user to wordpress

In the “Add New User” page… enter your username information. Then click the “Add New User” button.

add new user button

You’ll notice your “new” username.

new username

Step 4: Delete Old Username

You’ll need to log out before you can delete the old username.

log out

Once you log out. You’ll need to log back into your WordPress blog with your “new” username and password. Then “delete” the old username.

delete old wordpress username

Decide what to do with the current content. For most… you’ll want to attribute all content to your (NEW) username.


If you select “delete all content”… you will DELETE all content associated to that user. So be careful.

attribute content to new username

That’s it…

You now have a new username. And deleted the old one.

updated username in wordpress

BOOM! You’re done.


You’ve changed your WordPress username so be sure to log into WordPress with your new username and password.

And that’s how you change your username on WordPress.


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